The Squishyface!

Yesterday I asked my awesome dad to take some
pictures of us with Jade before she got too big!
(I'm gonna try to get some more "newborn" pictures too!)
And so prepare for a picture overload!

 Isn't she seriously the most adorable?!
She's our little Squishyface and we love her (and Rory) more than everything!
One of my favorites is the one where my face
is concerned (we were having a spit up incident)
 and Rory's kissing Jade's head and Andrew's just looking hahaha
cuz it's seriously exactly how our life is currently
(or Andrew holding the Squish making the face while I just look haha)
and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Marriage Thoughts

SO my friend Jen is doing a Marriage Month
on her blog which I love,
and it got me thinking about MY marriage
and all that goes with it.
 Our love story didn't start out the way it "should" have.
We hated each other at first,
then grew into a friendship that then bloomed into something more.
Even as we were dating, it took me 6 months before I realized
that this was like for real,
and that I couldn't have been with anyone else.
Plus Andrew still needed to go on his mission,
that was a HUGE roadblock for us.
He was ALWAYS going to go mind you,
it just made things THAT much more difficult for me.
I was 19 and honestly, we could've been happy getting married right then
and we would've been fine.
BUT, for us, Andrew needed to go on his mission.
Looking back, we're soo glad that he went and that we were able to grow
in our own ways before we got married.
I hated those two years but I also cherished them.
I hated being away from Andrew
and not being able to see/talk to him,
but I loved getting his letters and seeing his progression.
He grew up so much over those two years,
learned so much about how to deal with people,
how to handle difficult situations,
and how to hear the Spirit talking even when you're busy.
I was working 2 jobs and just enjoying myself
and learning some new cooking skills
and trying to distract myself from him being gone.

Then when I decided to go to Disneyland,
I felt like I finally was able to grow on my own.
Andrew says he noticed a difference in MY letters once I got there.
And we continued to write back and forth.
When he got home and we knew we still wanted to get married,
he proposed within a month of being home
and we were married within 6 months of him being home ;)
Which sounds fast but really it had been 3 1/2 years coming.

I had been so excited to get married.
I never had the nervousness some experience beforehand.
I was all excitement and happiness cuz 
we had waited so stinkin long and it was finally happening!
Andrew had been my best friend for over 3 years and I was finally going to have him
with me all the time!

Now, no it has not been all rainbows and unicorns.
We took some time to get adjusted to each other's habits.
And we had to learn how to communicate when we didn't have a separate 
home to go back to hahaha
And as we learned how to handle different situations,
we became a better team and we were happier.

Now, almost 4 years and 2 kids later in our marriage,
I could not be happier.
Andrew is the best father to our little girls.
They both light up when he walks in the room,
he's wrapped around their little fingers
and he loves it.
He's the best partner especially with the new baby and helping with feedings/
diaper changes/clothing changes/etc.
While I was in labor,
before the blessed epidural,
and dealing with the contractions that I thought may rip me apart
(ok, ok, a little dramatic but srsly....those hurt mmmk?)
he just kept coming over and checking on me.
Holding my hands and telling me how great I was doing,
and that the medicine was coming soon hahaha
He knew what I needed to hear
("Epidural's coming honey I promise!")
and after Jade was born,
he's been absolutely wonderful with helping me recover.
For the first couple days he made me take it easy
even though I felt fine.
He never let my water get empty or warm haha
He would grab anything I asked for,
including the kids haha

To me, THIS is what marriage is about.
Teamwork and love.
Serving each other to the best of your abilities and trusting your spouse
to do the same.
One of my favorite quotes from Gordon B Hinckley is this:
(and it goes for wives to husbands too)

"I am satisfied that happiness in marriage is not so much a matter of romance 
as it is an anxious concern for the comfort and well-being of one’s companion. 
Any man who will make his wife’s comfort his first concern 
will stay in love with her throughout their lives and through the eternity yet to come”
I mean, YES!
I love Andrew more and more as each day passes,
and each year is a new adventure and I'm happy he's the one at my side
and that we have our two little princesses trailing behind us.
Marriage is so important to keep as a priority
especially in a world where anyone getting married is given the 
"They won't last a year" status,
and when divorce is getting more and more common.
So I say, YAY for marriage and for being privileged to marry my very best friend
without whom I couldn't be the mother and woman I am today ;)

Monsoon Monday!

Today I woke up to dark skies and pouring rain!
So instead of doing our day to day norm,
today will be a cookie-making, movie watching,
cuddling with my girls kinda day.
(Ok I DO need to do some laundry though,
I mean how can 4 people possibly make this much mess???)
There's so much rain in fact,
schools have been closed, work has been cancelled 
(not for Andrew of course, just our luck!)
and our freeways are flooded!
So are our streets!
 It's insane and I love it!!
Arizona Monsoons are the best!
Happy Monday!

Life with 2!

Jade has now been here a week!
I can't believe it's been that long already!
I swear we were just in the hospital,
but then it also feels like she's always been here.
She's a sweet little baby!
And super easy-going!
The only thing she doesn't like is getting her diaper changed.
I mean full on melt down mode for diapers hahaha

She is known as:
Squish, Squishyface, Jadey, Jadey Loo Roo Hoo, Baby Sister,
BABY JADE (that one is usually yelled in excitement).

I mean look at that squishy face!!
You can see it right?
Yeah, she's cute!

Rory adores her little sister.
I was legitimately worried about her having to share mommy and daddy
and all the people she loves so much.
But honestly,
she is amazing with her sister.
She loves on her and makes sure we know when she needs something ;)

On Thursday Rory refused to take a nap,
oh you terrible twos can just bite me,
and then Jade was dozing after a nice bottle,
when suddenly I felt a thump on my other shoulder.
Rory had completely fallen asleep mid-sentence
against my arm ;)

Not the most flattering picture of me but oh well!
We let her sleep for 20 minutes cuz we want her to sleep at night right?
Jade just kinda chilled through the whole thing
and when she woke up she looked around with her big eyes straight at her daddy ;)
Therefore Daddy had to snuggle with her,
I mean you can't say no to those big eyes!
Then of course big sister wanted in on it.
So Daddy became the jungle gym ;)

He's always gonna be the fun one I have a feeling hahaha
And he loves it.
He's wrapped around these little girls' fingers.

Friday we had Jade's newborn dr appt and I had to take both girls
by myself to it.
(Andrew had to go sign severance papers - more on that in a second)
First off, I didn't think 2 kids would be that hard.....
but I was also 3 days post partum so my muscles are still like jelly.
Carrying an infant carseat plus trying to keep track of big sister
in a parking lot was definitely an interesting experience.
And when Jade started crying, Rory started crying out of sympathy
and terror that SHE would have to get seen by the doctor too.....
But once Rory calmed down it was all good.
Jade wasn't convinced that it was ok though and continued to cry/scream.
Rory at one point looked under the cover
and said
"Baby Jade, you need to calm down. It's ok. No more cry."
Hahahaha I died!
She's always saying things like that,
which proves that she DOES hear what we say even if she ignores it hahaha
I mean, that's good right??

Overall, this has been a pretty smooth adjustment so far
and I'm hoping that there will always be more good days than bad days ;)

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