Hello lovelies!
Have you entered the giveaway yet?? 
I'm so lucky to be a part of it and if you win,
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Plus like a billion other things!
around here life has been pretty calm.
We're finally into a routine,
which is hilarious since next week we're going to Disneyland
so there goes my precious routine hahaha
but I digress!
We've got our routine down and the girls are in bed
by like 8:30-9 every night!!
Andrew and I never know what to do with ourselves haha
After 2 years of MAYBE getting to bed around 10-11 at night,
this is totally new territory for us.
Sometimes we'll just talk for awhile,
or we'll watch some TV (Food Network is one of our fave channels),
or we'll read our books in bed!
I mean, is this real life???
I've seen it in movies but I never thought we'd finally get to the 
"parents spend time together at night at a decent hour"
point in our marriage!
Honestly Jade has been a huge help in that aspect.
Once she's in bed, it was easier to persuade Rory to go to bed.
AND it was easier to FINALLY not have to be in the room
while she falls asleep!
Glory Hallelujah!
Jade only gets up once a night, sometimes twice
which I know is super lucky for an almost 2 month old.
(oh my gosh 2 MONTHS?!)
So we are well-ish rested parents and are able to function!
I mean , come ON!
She's such a cute Chatty Cathy in the morning sometimes.
I've been tapping into my "domestic goddess" side
and trying new things!
Like I made waffles last week,
AND cooked dinner that same night!
 On Saturday I went to the store and grabbed some bacon, sausage,
and potatoes and Andrew and I made a HUGE breakfast for us and Rory.
Guys, it was delicious!
 Now I've been trying to lose weight so clearly that was my cheat meal.
I've lost and kept off 18 lbs since Jade was born!!
AND I've been losing about 2 lbs a week so I'm hoping to be feeling and looking
more like the version of myself I see in my head.
We also finally went and got new shoes for all of us on Saturday.
Even Rory got some brand new walking shoes
for our Disneyland trip
(plus she has her adorable sparkly TOMS)
I got the Skechers memory foam shoes on clearance!
You will never lose me in these bright shoes hahaha
But they're on trend??
I mean, they ARE mint colored!
Andrew ended up getting 2 pairs, one for everyday and one for basketball
(he plays at the church every week and the shoes he was wearing 
would cause slips and falls hahaha)
I also went to As You Wish,
(I know again?!)
and made this awesome plate for Christmas
Now before you think I have like hidden drawing talents,
I traced Mr Grinch on there!!
And thank the heavens Allie was with me cuz my handwriting is awful
so she wrote all the words for me ;)
Rory has really blossomed recently.
She's not my baby really anymore.
She's VERY independent,
very outspoken,
very loving (especially on her sister),
and very stubborn.
Hahahaha sometimes I wonder how so much could fit in such a tiny girl!

She's definitely turning into a fashionista.
But not usually an overly annoying one.
She just likes to pick her outfits for the day which I love,
and she doesn't ask to change all the time so I'm grateful for that.
My great aunt brought me a couple costumes for Rory to use
for a little while for playing and that was her bumble bee outfit!
She'll go around saying "Buzz buzz"
And then Mommy made her another necklace "with a diamond!"
and she loves it!
Jade is just growing and growing so dang fast!
She's talking now,
smiling all the time,
showing her personality more and more.
She's still super mellow but definitely has a spark in her and if you light it,
there's a wildfire hahaha

She's such a blessing to us!
I was so scared I wouldn't have as much love for her as I did for Rory,
or somehow slight either or both of them
but honestly they are the sweetest girls
and it's easy to love both of them and give them the attention they deserve ;)
I cannot wait to continue watching them grow!

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Little Victories

Remember how like forever ago I did a "Little Victories" post?
And how I said I'd make that a frequent thing?
Yeah....I fail hahaha
BUT today I have a few to share!
1. Both girls are on the same nap schedule so far,
even if half the time Rory decides to boycott it
2. Today I was able to shower in the morning,
plus learn how to make waffles from scratch,
plus do most of my chores!
3. Allie helped me dye my hair back to one color
so it's way less to maintain now
4. Andrew and I had another date night
and the girls got to play with Grandma and Grandpa Bowler
(this was the best picture he would take with me....)
5. I was able to sit down and make some things for the shop
that I'd been meaning to for weeks!
Including the temple bracelet!
6. We had a successful Activity Days craft!
And you all know how "great" I am at crafts hahaha
but this one was so easy and the girls loved them!
Mason jars, gauze, hot glue, and googly eyes! 
What are your victories you're celebrating today??

Aquarium Fun!

I absolutely love Saturdays.
Andrew's off from work and then the possibilities are endless!

We have the Pogo Pass and tomorrow they're taking away one of the venues:
The SeaLife Aquarium
so therefore we HAD to go see it for free ;)
It was so much fun!!
So I grabbed my good camera and prepared to take so many pictures,
then we get there and there was no flash photography
and I could NOT figure out how to not make the flash pop up....
so I used my phone for a few pictures
but it was super dark so I only took a couple but still it was awesome!

Rory's face when we went inside was priceless!
The look of wonder in her eyes
and the excitement just made it totally worth the 45 minute drive.
After the aquarium we were at the mall
with a carousel and a Disney Store!
Guys, my daughter LOVES a carousel.
So I went on it with her and then we hit the Disney Store


Sorry for the video if any of you get dizzy...
I couldn't get a better angle and really wanted to document it ;)
I didn't do the best job her first time on the carousel,
and even this time I missed the gigglefest by 2 seconds!
Dang pockets hahaha

Like I said, I love Saturdays and spending time with my sweet little family ;)
Andrew and I couldn't have asked for better girls
and we adore every memory we can make with them!

P.S. I'm still looking for some people to help with my birthday week of giveaways!
I have 2 of the 5 slots filled but I'd like to get them all!
Your giveaway would be a whole post for you
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