Waiting for Baby Number 2: Chrissie

I'm so happy to have these wonderful ladies
that were willing to guest post for me while I have Jade/adjust to multiple motherhood!
Today we have the wonderful Chrissie from Making Memories!
Her son Joshua is adorable,
and shes due with her second baby (A GIRL!!) in the Fall!
 I'm so excited for her and for us to kinda figure this out together hahaha
Take it away Chrissie!

Hey everyone!
I'm Chrissie from Making Memories and I "met" Ali when I came across her blog a couple years ago,
got chatting and discovered we had a fair amount in common.
We both love all things Disney, we are both members of the same Church,
we both started dating our future husbands in 2007,
then waited for them as they served Missions for our Church from 2008-2010,
then we both got engaged to our Hubby's soon after they got home and the 4 of us were married on the same day in December 2010
and then we both had our first child in 2012;
of course Ali had a beautiful girl, and I had a boy!
And guess what?!
As Ali has her second little lady... I am due in two months to have my own little girl :)
I am so excited I get to guest post for Ali... She's awesome!
Here's my family and I :)
So for my guest post, I've decided to tell you a little about the challenge I am currently doing called 101 Goals in 1001 Days which you can find in the chapter section of my blog.
The first goal I completed 100 Happy Days.
I don't usually take photos every day so I ended up taking photos of my food and random everyday items in attempt not to overload my facebook page with photos of my boys.
But, it made me appreciate the little things of life as well as the big.

From yummy scrummy food
To my Husband's Graduation with a Teaching degree from University

and finding out Joshua would be a big brother soon!!
I truly have a lot to be grateful for.
The next goal I completed was to do a sort out of Joshua's extensive wardrobe and toy collection. Man, this took waaaay longer than I expected.
But I did it! With some help from the Hubby ;)
and we end up with five bags of toys and clothes to give to others.
It felt so good to help other people, especially when we have been helped so much ourselves every step of the way since we got married
which has been a real blessing being new parents while my husband Matt was still a student.

Because of the help we received I was able to go back to work part-time rather than full-time.
I also had the freedom to choose to have a job I enjoyed rather than going back to a job that wasn't so exciting.
And let me tell you, going back to work is a toughie when all you want to do is be a stay-at-home Mum.
But I get to work an aquarium which I love!

So there's a little about me.
If you want to keep up to date with my goal progress
then do feel free to pop over to my blog once in a while.
I have a lot of goals to get through and
I'm sure I'll learn a lot of things and have fun along the way.
Isn't she so sweet!?
I love this girl!
Now go head over to her blog and love on her and her adorable family!

Waiting for Baby Number 2: Jessie

I'm so happy to have these wonderful ladies
that were willing to guest post for me while I have Jade/adjust to multiple motherhood!
Fisrt up is the lovely Jessie from Nelson Notes.
I LOVE Jessie.
She's seriously one of my favorite people on the entire planet.
Two little boys that are seriously the cutest
(I would like Rory to marry one of them someday)
and her photography skills are insane! ;)
Take it away Jessie!
5 tips for better newborn photos at home
^^My son Levi snoozing in his cradle at about two weeks old^^
Hi!  My name is Jessie and I am the woman behind the words on the lifestyle blog, Nelson Notes.  I am a wife to my best friend, a mother to two silly little boys, and I'm a photographer. 
 It's taken me years to feel comfortable enough to call myself a photographer, 
but that's what I am.  
I'm a Momtog and I am embracing it.  
I've even started a little business photographing my friends and neighbors. 
 I love capturing those little moments and creating photographs of my children that I will cherish forever.  
 Now that Ali is bringing home a brand new baby, 
I want to help her (and all mamas!) capture every precious detail in these fleeting days.  
You don't necessarily need expensive fancy equipment.  
A camera phone will do.  
All you need is a little know-how and practice.  
I personally shoot with a five year old Canon Rebel xsi.  
One of my favorite lenses is the 50mm f/1.8, also known as fantastic plastic ($98!).  
So here are a few of my tips and tricks for getting that frame worthy picture of your newborn babe. 
 ^^Taken at home on the living room floor.  Levi was three days old.^^
1.  Find the light.  Set baby down on the bed or floor beside some windows that let in a lot of light.  (You may be surprised that your bathroom has the best light!)  
Or open a door, stand outside, and shoot inside onto that precious baby propped up in his swing.  If weather permits, find some open shade under an awning or a leafy tree.  
All these places often provide beautiful light without harsh shadows. 
2.  Overexpose a stop or two.  I overexpose almost all of my photos; 
I just love the look of a bright photo.  
Sometimes overexposing can lend to that "dreamy look" you might have in mind too.  
Have fun and experiment!  
 3.  Keep it simple.  Toss those burp rags to the side and slide the laundry out of sight; you don't want any items in the background to distract from your beautiful baby.  
When laying baby down on a blanket, be mindful of the patterns and colors in the background.  Sometimes a white comforter or plain colored blanket is all the background you need. 
5 tips for better newborn photos at home
  ^^My neighbor's daughter on a new rug in my home one morning^^
 4.  Texture.  Now after you've kept it simple, bring some interest back into the picture with some texture.  
Wrap baby up in some lace or cheesecloth.  
Then add a cute headband or beanie.  
Use what you already have at home (or better yet, find a few pieces before the baby arrives).  
The combinations are limitless with a little creativity.  
Of course, sometimes a mama just wants a picture of her baby in that adorable newborn outfit from Grandma and that is equally cute. 
5 tips for better newborn photos at home
5.  Get close, then get closer.  Capture those precious details!  
Those lashes, peach fuzzy cheeks, and long tiny toes will be gone before you know it. 
 Document your baby in a way that will bring back a flood of memories.
 Please stop on by my blog to say "hi" and glean ideas for your own lifestyle photos.  
Congratulations on your sweet addition, Ali!  
Mills party of four, I'm looking forward to following your many adventures.
I told you she's the greatest!
And all of you should go be her friends now ;)
And her photography?! 
I die!!
I'm excited to try to do these with my camera for Jade and Rory!


still no baby!
But I've got a dr appt tomorrow and hopefully 
we can do something to get this things going!
I'm so ready to meet our little gem,
and Rory is dying for baby sister to come out so Mommy
can finally play on the floor again without dying hahaha
Over the next few days I've got some great guest posters!
 I'm really excited about it and I hope you all love them too! ;)

Here's hoping the next time I'm here I'll be a mama of two!

Baby Prep

Ok this week has been difficult for me.
My body is in serious "baby-prep" mode.
As in, contractions ALL the time,
I'm so sore it's hilarious to watch me walk from the couch to the bathroom and back.
Rory has even started coming over to me
saying "Mommy I walk you."
And grabs my hand to help me walk places hahaha
Andrew really enjoys that,
and making fun of me.
Quite frankly, it's deserved and I laugh out loud almost constantly about it.
Baby Jade has dropped for sure,
I'm dilated to a 2 which is super exciting!
And I lost 4 lbs in a week!
Now there's another reason why this week has been hard for me.
Breastfeeding week.
Guys I've talked about this before,
I am unable to breastfeed.
I know that boobs have ONE purpose,
but mine do not work that way.
It's hereditary in my family,
none of the women can and that's ok.
I absolutely respect and admire moms that are able to breastfeed/pump for their babies
and I think it's great.
What I can't stand is the constant judging of us other moms
that formula feed.
What right do you have to judge me for getting formula at a store?
Or for feeding my child a bottle in public?
There are lots of moms that CAN'T breastfeed,
OR that even 
CHOOSE to not breastfeed because it's not what they want to do.
Guess what?
No need to call the mom army in for an intervention,
or to make rude and hurtful comments.
Breastfeeding is HARD for a lot of people.
I have only met a handful of moms that had a super easy time at the beginning
and therefore they have it all figured out.
The struggle is real for many moms.
Is it really that bad if an overwhelmed, tired, hormonal woman to use an alternative
way to feed her child?
There are pros and cons each way you go in the feeding of a baby.
For ME and my family,
formula is the way for us because I don't have another way.
I also REFUSE to judge another mom for "giving up" on nursing
and turning to formula to feed their baby as well.
It's not your place or mine to judge another mother.
SHE knows her baby best.
I'm ALL for asking advice and seeing what other options there are out there
and for taking the advice of others,
but ultimately it's MOM that decides what's best for her and baby.
For me and Andrew I LOVED that I wasn't the only one that could feed Rory.
I loved that I felt comfortable enough to leave her with babysitters 
right away because I knew she'd always have enough to eat.
I loved that I didn't have to defreeze milk to her.
Now, does that mean that I condemn those moms that do?
Of course not!
I fully admire all moms that breastfeed and think it's wonderful.
What I want is for moms to stop making war out of what has nothing to do with you.
Mommies, please help us make this world a BETTER place for our kids.
Stop the judging, 
stop the "this is better for your kids and I know it better than you" attitude,
and just be supportive.
*off my soapbox*
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